Welcome to The 1nteger's official Game Reviews page. You'll find Written & Video Game Reviews here! In the reviews I look at each game's Good, Bad & Ugliest features. Ultimately games that continue to be fun without too much tedium to the flow balancing length & purchase value rank well especially if they feature 'icing' features such as stand-out music, unique mechanics or/and deeper immersion say. Games that create frustration by adopting unnecessary mechanics, contain bloat / bugs or are just plain repetitive won't rate as well. We use a 0-10 score (including .5s) but always bare in mind as much as one tries to review from different perspectives a little opinion & bias may always creep in for any review you may read or watch from any source (especially paid sources where the value / cost ratio is less felt or sponsored; not the case here). Don't rely one persons review and don't look to reviews to validate the things you enjoy or conversely dislike. In other words; do your research & try to enjoy the good things you enjoy!