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Your Live Streaming / Broadcasting Experience Update v2019.1.0

So...I've practically updated every aspect of the broadcast and assets, this is the round-up of the features for The 1nteger TV v2019.1.0!

  • Version number update on channel cover art.

  • Updated / New Preview timers and videos (none or less videos with 'breaks within breaks' and in part because I accidentally deleted most of the previous ones *facepalm).

  • Larger preview scene window, lower memory videos and cleaner layout / text (thus should better performance).

  • Mic quality should be even more improved with cracking issue fixed (although no one seemed to notice or complain about this previously, but still nonetheless).

  • Minor clean-up and updates to the scene cards, transitions and default chat scene/end music.

  • Memeology v3.00: Taking advantage of that Degree in Memeology, we have new memes! Don't worry though, this little fella ain't going anywhere yet. More will likely be added / refreshed throughout 2019.

Thanks for reading wonderful people!

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