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Studio Setup 2019 Upgrade / Broadcasting Experience Update v2019.2.0

Studio Rig Image

Ohrighty folks! We've finally finished the 2019 PC upgrade build! The wasteman delivery dude finally delivered the new PC case 3 days late (left outside the door unattended, Yodel for the win) but we're are finally here!

Here's the sexy nerd-spec:

  • MSI X470 GAMING PLUS ATX Motherboard for AMD

  • Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Windforce OC 6GB Fan

  • HYPERX 32GB 3000MHz DDR4

  • AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8-Core 3.40 GHz with AMD Wraith Max Cooler

  • Samsung 860 EVO M.2 Sata III 6GBp/s 250Gb SSD, Windows 10 Home (64Bit)

  • Cooler Master 750w Power Supply.

Studio Rig Side Image

What does this mean? The Samsung 860 EVO Solid State Drive (SSD) means start-up times that were 1min 30secs+ to sign is now 30secs ready to use straight into Windows. The 32GB ram means more apps and stuff in the background with slowdown or sluggishness. The AMD 1700X CPU means calculations are a breeze and non-issue for CPU intensive tasks in gaming and productivity such as video rendering. The GeForce RTX 2060 6GB meanings playing all PC games at Quad HD (1440p) and Ultra HD (4K/2860p) with HDR and RTX features (Jury is still out on whether Nvidia's RTX gets adopted even to be worth it VS an GTX with 8 or more gigabytes), all while Streaming, Recording (for backup and post-editing) and replay buffering (for easier creation of highlights). And finally, the Cooler Master MasterBox PC case aside from technical sexual stimulation eye-candy, gives the system overall better aerodynamic cooling with the additional of an additional system exhaust fan and front intake fan including the option for 4 more fans in future (in English with have 10c or less heat inside which is a good thing).

This also means mic quality should be vastly improved and overall performance / memology should smoother too setting a nice foundation for future improvements and tricks in both broadcasting, development and productivity for 2019.

We'll have to see how a live test goes which should happen today...but overall...aside from the graphics card which I think will be traded and upgraded within 2yrs or so money-willing, we should be good for another 7yrs+ (as was the case with the last build).

Studio Setup Top View

Thanks for the patience guys! All the waiting, setup and testing required during a major build and transition of an entire base rig upgrade takes time and hopefully it will prove to have been worth the wait.

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