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Welcome to RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE & welcome to this RE8 First Impressions REview for PC (spoiler-free)! Boy, these BLOODY WOMEN though! I mean, Lady DIMITRESCU & her DAUGHTERS of course ๐Ÿ˜. Literally bloodsucking that SWEET, sweet, MAN-BLOOD! But, will you Lycan it? Is this VILLAGE WORTH THE VISIT? Let me help with that...

  • This is the most Resident Evil feeling Resident Evil of the Ethan-era.

  • Ethan is still superman, but he feels a little more human in a 'lost a finger but WTF is going on, not again man' little less generic kinda way.

  • If you like RE4, I think you'll like this, it feels a lot like RE4 did consensually things with RE7 and then BOOM; a village and tall child was born!

  • Visuals are dope, really nice ray tracing and atmosphere right from the beginning, it builds much immersion.

  • Voice and acting performances are on point, I'm feeling these characters in mysterious ways...

  • Combat and set-pieces are tense!

  • Lore and visual / audio nods to previous series entries from the start of the game and throughout, something that was few and far in 7. (Whatcha buying?)

  • As always, great sound and music, befitting of the setting!

  • As I get younger and younger, I find myself appreciating the open-area game more so than the over bloated open-world game, this is the former much like what I remember of RE4!

  • Lady Dimitrescu is off the chain, ridiculous good, her family / stroke friends are something too, if you loved dolls before, forget about that notion from now on...

  • It may be a little too combat heavy for some, I don't mind it thus far, but still, might be an issue for people who want a slower-paced classic RE bullet conservation style game vs the more action-orientated / fight upgrades pathed trend that RE4 started all them years ago.

  • Doesn't look like much is gonna be set in the cover of darkness, combined with the increased combat emphasis, this might take away some the fear factor of 7 and some other entries.

  • Some speech audio doesn't seem to play and I get occasional desync of delayed facial speech, but that is likely due to an issue on my end.

  • I'm having an issue with this game at anything below 4k or above 1080p, and it has been suggested a small few others are experiencing similar minor issues, but it sets my monitor to 55.995 refresh and I just can't capture at that refresh currently. I know, sounds like a you problem, but it's also not great that you have to activate each resolution as you set it without pressing an apply button or such. That's the worst I could come up with, so there!



If you liked RE7 and RE4 then this might be perfect for you. If you didn't care for RE7's fear factor & first personness or RE4's action lean upgrade antics, you'll probably find this meh or nah depending on if you fit one or both of those things. Me, I think so far it's wicked!

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