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BRAVELY DEFAULT 2 Beginner TIPS! [Top 10 for starting players]

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Learn the BEST TIPS for starting out in #BravelyDefault2! Sorted into a Top 10 list in the YouTube video and post below...enjoy!

Bravely Default 2 Top 10 Beginner Tips

  1. Save early and often!

  2. Buying items is optional if using these techniques!

  3. Mow & Bash the environment aka Finding Secrets! (swinging your sword).

  4. Set your passives ASAP! (these dictate what you can use during combat and but do not level as a non-main).

  5. Set your sub jobs! (these dictate what you can use during combat and but do not level as a non-main).

  6. Set, spam & abuse the Forage ability; great for farming, saving money and gaining virtual freebies every turn!

  7. Speeding up the Grind (R shoulder button to skip combat intro animation and + button to change ballet speed!).

  8. Repeat Actions! (Press the Y button during combat to repeat your last actions for that character).

  9. Input Tips (Minus (-) Button gets you to the save menu quicker, B Button can also be used to run, X Button in main menu to auto-heal which will consume healing items!

  10. Don't be afraid to Flee! (especially after scanning intel of enemy and Special Creatures / Bosses which will then be found in the Lore > Monster Guide section which can be handy to at least list and to be searched later for special creatures you cannot defeat at the start!

So remember as ever, 0 is a practically unplayable or sickness inducing experience, 5 is okay and 10 is genre-defining!

Bonus Tip

Enjoy the Game, explore, try things out and see what happens and watch one of the other Bravely Default 2 videos in the features like the unboxing or review, subscribe, comment below and share some Pgs via our Patreon for more! Cheers most wonderful Internet 1ntegens!

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