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Community Goals 2021

There's a lot of stuff going on right now at time of typing, not all great, but we need to keep it moving for those past as well as those we love still with us while we're here living. So let's keep it moving and set goals for the community (and thus obviously, conversely self-goals) for the next 12 months or so, in order of importance. Thank you for your support & care and God bless ya.

In addition to ongoing / active projects & platforms below, here are the general goals for the next 12 months:

Vodcasts / Podcasts

• Not a new idea, many, many, many peeps do this already, but I'd like to try my hand at creating a presence on new platforms such as Spotify and Apple with some regular conversational recorded (and maybe over time live recorded with comments, reaction and/or guests etc) quicker turnaround content in the form of P/Vodcasts. I'm expecting it will be just like any other content in terms of failure / success chances, but the attempt alone might be interesting experience nonetheless.

Gaming related but not gameplay content

• Would love to find a way to start sharing / using my experience (good and mostly fail) to get into the Broadcast, Streaming and Business guru space (not the hype-merchant or fake ones, legit). May require more social-proof (success) than I currently possess however, so not sure if I can accomplish this sooner rather than later. It's also a waaaaay better space to be in then simply trying to get viewers (or grow as they like to meme-say).

• Dependent mostly on developing the skills I'm aiming or actively learning or reigniting such as Japanese and music DAW / instruments etc to create some unique space between all the many, many, many #GameToo streamers would be nice. There's too many of us that are way too similar in the same space.

• More reviews (including previous completed games like RE series) but with maybe a unique hook/gimmick over time and features but also something viral (10k in a few days) that isn't a YT short would be cool, especially if repeatable.

Blog / Website (here!)

• Not necessarily a priority but would be fun to find a good way to utilise the website and blog content. Are blogs even a thing anymore value-wise? I don't know, would be fun to make it into something though (that plus the website).



• Where we're at: 603 Subscribers / 2,400 watch hours.

• What we need: 1,000 Subscribers / 4,000 watch hours within the next 6 months.

• Why we want it: Aside from the obvious, if accepted on to Partner Program it unlocks a whole bunch of features and native monetisation options (of which the requirements have been reduced compared to the past requirements, possibly due to being out beta or more likely Twitch). It would be quite an accomplishment and the equivalent of Twitch Partner somewhat if not more so.


• Where we're at: 1 Patreon (Last checked, cheers JK :1ntThumbsUp: ).

• What we need: 100 Patreons within the next 12 months.

• Why we want it: Just a general goal here, should be tough enough to potentially fail, but doable if we try I guess. Besides that, dollar at a low payout is always helpful when you have a day job, debts and family to look out for as many of us do. It also gives me a chance to get better at it (has been updated so check it out!


• Where we're at: 194 Followers / 3 concurrent viewers / 1 Sub I think (thanks again JK regardless & first-lady for the subs/bits).

• What we need: Partnership aka 75 concurrent viewers average, meaning roughly 1,000-7,500+ Followers within the next 12 months.

• Why we want it: Affiliate is pretty much pointless especially with the lack of discoverability combined with the ads on the current iteration of Twitch. Pretty much an 'everybody' goal but a milestone nonetheless. Currently streaming occurs on YT for watch time reasons whereas currently on Twitch, you're either in the 1% or doing nothing there. Besides this, you can already apply if you establish yourself successfully enough on other major platforms like YouTube or Twitter according to the application form, so, watch this space (or not).


• Where we're at: 10 Members (not including our wonderful bots).

• What we need: 500 Members within the next 12 months.

• Why we want it: It's a solid goal, it isn't seemingly easy at this point and if we do it not only might we have activity here, but we'll also get a proper Discord URL instead of the goofy thing we get as starters on this platform. As you can tell, a lot more content here versus when we started it out but also a long a%!s way to go. Might be similar to Twitter in approach too. / This post


• Where we're at: 4,038 Followers / 1-2 concurrent viewers / 1% of 500 hours watch time.

• What we need: 10,000 Followers and 250 weekly returning Viewers and / or 500 hours watch time within the next 12 months.

• Why we want it: Not a huge priority but slightly bigger than the ones below it. Those number unlock partnership on FB gaming but FB is a weird platform and its relevance reputation over time questionable, nonetheless, while we're there


• Where we're at: 331 (and falling due to a purchasing thingy I used that clearly doesn't work in the way I used it).

• What we need: More engagement and a better consistent content strategy within the next 12-18 months.

• Why we want it: Because it would be nice to not have such a meme Twitter account as many streamer / gamer content types typical do with no engagement, circle-jerking and #smallstreamer hashtags and vibes. To be honest though, this is mostly going to be dependent on success on other platforms, so this isn't as heavy a direct priority as it's hard to control directly in my experience.


• Where we're at: 38 Followers

• What we need: No idea really, 300 Followers maybe? This one is more about figuring it out; if you don't own a pet or possess beautiful man-boobs to make up for it.

• Why we want it: Again, to learn and create less of an meme account as many streamer / gamer content types that struggle with relevancy on this platform but I suspect this one is somewhat like Twitter and follows the same rules thus, hard to control directly and there's a culture of paying for eyeballs on this and the Facebook eco-system.


• Where we're at: 6 Followers

• What we need: No idea again, maybe 100 but Tiktok is a high volume platform so it doesn't really have value unless hitting 100,000+ to be honest and not sure I care really, might too old for this one :laughing:.

• Why we want it: Don't really, can't see myself doing toilet roll choking non-challenges, latest pop music dance or other trend hijacks with this one really. Anyway, if you want to follow it:


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