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Welcome to this DIABLO TIPS AND TRICKS for BEGINNERS! You'll learn all the TOP TEN things I WISH I KNEW BEFORE PLAYING DIABLO for the first time in 2021! Learn how to Dominate this CLASSIC action RPG BEFORE Diablo II Resurrected, Diablo Immortal & Diablo 4 releases! Let's go!


  1. You only have one save slot so save often, but save carefully!

  2. Talk to all the NPCs when you start & look around carefully! Speak to them again every time you complete a level or quest, they may have new info, lore or even a quest. Stay awhile and listen!

  3. Save that dollar and get the town portal spell early as possible as you'll need to make regular trips back and forth from the dungeons to offload your beautiful loot and re-up your supplies for the lower & tougher dungeons ahead.

  4. Remember your gold, loot and levelling is finite (in vanilla unless someone proves me wrong in the comments), so use all wisely. Stick to 2-3 core stats for whatever class you're using and spend / upgrade wisely.

  5. Items can be left on the floor and collected later throughout the entire game world (though best to offload in the town hub, don't worry, Wirt won't steal anything, maybe).

  6. The store items held are randomised each time you load the game and (I believe) per dungeon floor conquered, so, for example, if you don't like the spell books currently being sold by Adria, save and reload your game. Still don't like it? Reload again. Simples.

  7. You learn spells from Books (vs scrolls which are consumables) and upgrade said spell's levels by learning the same spell again via discovering or buying said spell again (watch out, buying spell books is expensive as all heck depending on the spell and Adria's mood, they're are NFTs probably cheaper!).

  8. Some dungeons have multiple entrances and interlink with each other; which only reveal themselves over time.

  9. Completion of the main quest boots you out into the main menu afterwards, so make sure you complete all your side quests and Hellfire DLC beforehand, you'll likely need all the levels & loot you muster to take on some of the challenges to come anyway...

  10. Quests and non-core dungeons are randomised which means your playthrough will likely be different from others such as myself, so go watch the playthrough and lets compare notes...


  • Bonus Tip #1. Weapons and armour have durability rather than say ammo, so if they fully break, they're gone, FOREVER, until you load or forever hold your piece(s).

  • Bonus Tip #2. Pepin will hook you up with infinite free heals!

  • Bonus Tip #3. Eventually Pepin and Adria will start to selling an unlimited supply (via save / loading, traversing or progressing the game) of permanent 1-point stat boosts called Elixirs retailing at 5,000k! Just remember, fortune isn't unlimited however!

  • Bonus Tip #4. Top 3 recommended spells for any class or build would be probably be Heal, Town Portal & Mana Shield for defence or fireball for simple offense, assuming you can hit with it (and if you are investing in Magic stats). Golem is also loads of fun and a great distraction ally (though RNG expensive to level) and the Hellfire inclusion Apocalypse spell is a good choice if you want to use cheap spammy magic, that's mad expensive IRL, on a certain someone and his or her lovers.

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