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We've FINALLY done it. The FIRST PODCAST aptly named The 1nteger VODCAST PODCAST is available now on Spotify!

I think this seems to be similar to Twitter / Instagram and the like however in that I don't think there's any algorithm discoverability like say a YouTube, which means it may only succeed or scale (quality assumed of course) with the success of other things such as the YT video (hence Vodcast) equivalent which is maybe the real test of this experiment or at the least a large part, the ability to create multiple pieces of relevant content from one recorded source and the ability to jump on trending topics (at least going forward) quickly without long setup or big feature like scripts, prep or gameplay / recording sessions.

Anywho, Please FOLLOW, LISTEN and hit me up with YOUR THOUGHTS, FEEDBACK and other similar things. The first and last or the first of many?...YOU DECIDE!


• Resident Evil Village actor Jeanette Maus Information:

• Lady Dimitrescu Height / RE Series height chart by 07PandorasBox:

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