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Live Streaming Update (Three I's or Three 1's Project...)

More videos coming momentarily, but just to update, I'm working on some major 'MAJOR' stream updates & features (not just aesthetics but the whole ethos and approach) since it's lagging behind in comparison to the progression of the YouTube content & the less recent branding update previous (although to be fair Twitch / Streaming in general is the most ghetto inconsistent thing I've ever experienced on the Internet, especially in comparison to anything that could be called a profession for some anyway).

Assuming it goes as planned, it will be 'maybe possibly kinda' worth it. Focusing on 3 (3 I's or 1's in our case) core aspects. I won't elaborate more than that right now because I'm really not sure how much of the things I need to do (and be able to do consistently) to make the impact it could and should make over time, much less the ability or technical prowess (ultimate PAHWOARRRRRR) to accomplish all of it. It's a long list and it kinda needs all the pieces, not just bits of, to be in one place. Much like a completed puzzle set.

However, like all potential good / great things, it's gonna take time, estimating anything from a day, to up to a week or even 2 weeks, before being fit for purpose. They will be video and content in between all that as you've been having but unlikely any live content until then.

So...I haven't forgotten about the streaming malarkey, but I'd like to get things to at least the place where I originally was aiming for some 1-2 years ago when the skills, knowledge, understanding & tech didn't match the ambition.

Thanks for your patience in the meanwhile (at this stage of the game that's like 2-3 people, so time away to update the stream side is luxury I currently do possess, still, love you 2-3 people out there, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :) ).

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