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Mirror's Edge Review 2020

In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted.

What is it? / Play Intel.

What's 'down' my 1ntegens. Here with another to the point review, last one incidentally involved sisters and first person perspective as well, hmmmm.

Anywho, this is the Mirror's Edge Review, created by DICE, published by the beloved EA, which took us about 7 hours to complete with less than 10 collectables found across the multiple chapters, on the PC via Steam; settings maxed at 4K. It's also available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Windows Phone. Again, incidentally, we have the complete long-play linked somewhere in this video, so, er, check it out.

The Good

• Excellent Visual Ascetic.

• Excellent Soundtrack throughout.

• Unique core mechanic.

• Doesn't overstay its welcome and is fun throughout.

• Well voiced act and very cool cutscene animation.

The Bad

• Death-try again loop mechanic.

• Sometimes it's difficult to know exactly where or what you're doing.

• Control system might be a little iffy overall for some.

• Collectables seems mostly pointless and go against the spirit and pace of the game.

• Probably a little short if you don't intend to speedrun, do trials or replay chapters for collectables but less of an issue now at the current price.

• Functional story at best and characters at best.

The Ugly

• Some minorly annoying segments requiring repeating due to falls and difficult to read the layout or objective

The Score


A linear but fun ride with unique visual style, protagonist and core gameplay mechanic provided you gel with the control system and just go with the general flow of the game and the story. Also, this probably will cure or aggravate your fear of heights should you have such. Ahhhhhh...good times.

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