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My Top 10 Fall Guys MUST ADD Update FEATURES!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently sitting pretty at #1 of Twitch gaming's viewing list and player hearts! But how does it STAY THERE? How does it keep the CROWN? This is my Top 10 Fall Guys UPDATE IDEAS to STAY on TOP!

My Top Ten Fall Guys Update Wish-list

1. Ducking (To add to the diving)

2. Shooting Games & Obstacles (Dodge ball, cannon's etc)

3. Climbing (ladders / rock climbing walls)

4. Vehicles (Go carts, jet packs etc)

5. Improved Dodging Mechanic (aside from dolphin dive)

6. World Ranking, Pro Competitions & better Commentary / casting mode and intel / feedback loop

7. Event Practices Modes & removal of lesser events (like the fruit matching game), & tools to play with groups / viewers more easier.

8. Improve the Hug, Add Push & Pull (For more tactical tacticaliness)

9. Individual rewards / qualifications in Team Games (or removal of team games)

10. Individual race Finales (multi lane / multi path or time trialled final events (Like Gladiators finals)).

What's yours?

That's my definitive top 10 features that should be added to Fall Guys Ultimate Knockdown, to help it stay number 1 on twitch and in hearts for the many months to come. That's mine, but what's yours? Do you have a completely different top 10 or maybe a specific order? Share it with us in the coms below! Subscribe and bell up for more of this and let me know what you think of our first top list content. Also, click one of the videos on the screen when you done, Arigatō gozaimasu!

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