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The 1nteger TV Relaunch has begun...check out the new content!

The 1nteger TV re-launching / rebranding across all the social platforms coincides with 2 new special features, an wip progress in terms of this type of content, but also a definitive statement of intent I'd like to think.

New trailer and videos here:

The intention from now on for is to have only edited and special content, for The 1nteger UNCUT to have the previous content (uncut, VOD dumps etc) can expect for now on that and for each platform to have meaning more than just spammy promo's (or notifications).

Hopefully you'll notice better thumbnails, consistency and more digestible / unique take coverage.

Live streaming is still being updated and I'm still testing in addition to setting up the newly unboxed item. I'm also still awaiting a final piece of equipment or two, but streaming ETA is likely next-week or the week after. Patreon needs re-upping or changing too, all in due time.

Streaming overall will in quantity be likely less, as I prioritise building unique or at least potentially discoverable experiences and content but overall quality should be better I'd predict. Audience interest will detect a lot of factors assuming I do things right.

So, in short, expect more but better and different, hopefully, I have a few ideas for other specials and things that might take advantage of the positive audience (that's you) responses of previous, so if you like something, make sure you make yourselves heard, ruthlessness is likely required in this last shake of the entertainment broadcasting dice for me. Thanks for your time and support as ever, both is so precious in all times.

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