We're finally stream-ready this week!? Update!

After many, many weeks of prep, research, purchasing, setting up, soft-launching and testing, I think we're finally ready to incorporate live streams again. It's been a tough year for everyone with viruses and police that don't serve nor protect, sending us back 50-70 years+ all over again. We need positive distractions in these times and aside from some testing and light session on Kurashi Final, I've haven't had a proper gaming session in a minute.

Please note, we should NOT have an expectation of improved viewing / community growth during or through live-streaming; that is still the job of the non-streaming / outside efforts on discoverable platforms with specially curated content, execution, promotion and / blessings stroke luck. With that in mind, the updates to live streaming are ongoing as ever but not nearly as substantial or dramatic as everything else to that end and to be honest, aside from quality of life / setup speed, the live setup is already 2020 and pretty clean and solid.

What's been updated then?

We have a dedicated cheaper content creation machine that frees me from pulling out USB cables and wires while freeing up the main machine for PC game and content activity. We have a HDMI Switcher Hub for live-switching between gaming / device hardware, again, without plugging out cables, a Ethernet Splitter to connect more devices to directly vs wifi, a whole bunch of cables (including 8K HDMI ones to fix screen disconnecting on the splitter).

The 2nd machine is setup and tested and should be ready for prime-time. I also have acquired a bunch of Oculus (still setup / testing to be done there), PC and Switch content; which I hope to cover more of in addition to VR.

Most of the updated content / effort should show in uploaded / prepared content, variety and volume (no more than 3 in a 24hr period per channel of course).

When can we have some live / gamingness again?

So, I'd say it's safe to expect a stream again around this week (maybe even today/tomorrow at time of typing), it will be a live semi-test run, but it should be fine. We may start the period with just some old fashioned straight live gaming stuff and then I'll focus in back on edited uploads from next week just to jump things off, we'll see. Anyway, thanks for you patience as ever and look forward to seeing and catching up with you all again hopefully very soon!

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