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What is CONTENT? (YouTube Content / Social Media Content etc)

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

You may hear loads of folks (or more accurately YouTube / Twitch guru types) saying the immortal words as it pertains to social media specifically; "Make Content" or "You need great content" or even "content is king" to name a few.

But what if you don't know what 'Content' is, or if said content is even good or 'good enough'? Well, let me give you a clear and concise definition of CONTENT, especially when it comes to talking about Broadcasting, YouTube / Twitch, TikTok, Insta, Twitter and Social Media as a whole.

So what is CONTENT?

CONTENT is anything a human being can discover and proceed to consume.

CONTENT is anything a human being can discover (and once they find it) & proceed to consume (watch, listen, read, comment, share and / or engage with) to a level that sends positive signals to that social media platform (in mass) and / or meets the goals of the content creator(s) / owner(s).

QUALITY vs Delivery Method vs CONTENT?

The quality and method of delivery isn't really relevant to what is consumed or successful as content!

Content therefore is not a specific TYPE of thing, nor does it imply QUALITY (good or otherwise) as these things are often subjective and therefore somewhat irrelevant as the market (people) will decide 'what is content' and the relevance of said content (irrespective of whether they actually love or hate the 'thing' they're consuming) through taking action on the content via attention, discussion, sharing and other engagement metrics.

Good content rather, is that which has the potential of reach (the total people) and its consumption rate (i.e. the people's feedback, engagement, purchases and / or increased exposure) to enable increase in growth of the content owners community, opportunities, brand, sales and / or value.

So, reading this back I wonder, is this piece written too metaphysical or does it make complete sense you? If you drop a comment, you'll actual make this 'content' actual 'Content' big c! Cheers!

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