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Wolfenstein 3D / Spear of Destiny | The Review

The Info

Released: 05/05/1992 | Price: £8.19 (Got it discounted around 50% I think)

Platform: PC (via

Play Time: Completed all chapters and levels minus all secret levels barring one all in around 12hrs total.


Developer: id Software | Official Site:


From the masterminds of first-person shooters, id Software, comes the grandfather of the genre, Wolfenstein 3D, and its much-anticipated sequel, Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny

It's World War II and you are William "B.J." Blazkowicz, the Allies' most durable agent. Under the Iron-fist grip of Nazi German Rule, the evil Dr. Schabbs is suspected of cultivating a project, Operation Eisenfaust, for building a mighty mutant Nazi German Army. Your mission is to steal the secret plans, make your escape and sabotage their evil plot. As you begin your mission however, you are caught and hauled from Castle Hollehammer to the cells of Castle Wolfenstein.

A lucky break gives you the chance to make your escape, only to find that Castle Wolfenstein is a maze of passages, bristling with trigger happy Nazi guards. Each level you break through brings you face to face with death. There's no time now to hold fire, it's kill or be killed...

The Good
  • Granddaddy of the FPS and it's aged well (at least with the ECWolf mod anyway)

  • Nice shooting and hit feedback for the time

  • Loads of good Quality of Life mods

  • Fast-pace visceral action

  • Secrets can be fun and the size of maps are impressive at times to say the least

  • Good play length and a speed runner's paradise

The Bad
  • Some maps can be tricky to navigate to the point of frustration but few and far between

The Ugly
  • Some maps hide progression behind secret wall mechanic, not good.

  • Some sticking on walls when trying to move a better position for shooting or out of harms way

The Score

9 ouf of 10 (Same for Spear of Destiny, pretty much more of the same) A classic game that started it all for not just iD, but the genre as a whole that is still a blast to this day with a little modding love and care!

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