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YOUTUBE vs TWITCH vs Facebook! Where SHOULD I STREAM Games IN 2021?

You might be thinking WHERE SHOULD I STREAM GAMES IN 2021? I mean, VALKYRAE's doing 'alright' on YOUTUBE 😏, so is it time to make the switch & leave TWITCH or FACEBOOK? If you're a POKIMANE, you're fine wherever you stream, but what do you need to consider if you're NOT?

This YouTube vs Twitch vs Facebook comparison is based on 2.5+ years of experience on all 3 platforms. It will help you make the best decision on where to call your game streaming / live streaming home.


00:00:00​ The life of a streamer... 😢

00:01:27​ Comparing Stability

00:02:46​ Comparing Interaction

00:03:31​ Comparing Discoverability / Growth Potential

00:13:05​ Very important part, seriously!

00:13:58​ More to watch / CTA...

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