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The !Unfinished Business Game Challenge is an attempt by The 1nteger to right the wrongs of a childhood full of goofing around and exchanging games more than peeps do these days with their bodily fluids. The list contains every game I remember playing that left an impression in some way but didn't finish for whatever reason. Games must be 10yrs or more old when I first played them to be added and therefore are typically retro in nature. Game List: (Unfinished Tab).

The list more the most part does not currently include NES, Mega Drive, Master System 2 or Atari 800XL classics that I also could technically add to the list for reasons of hardcore-mad-crazy difficulty if completed as a purist as intended with current crop. Talking of the current crop, they feature games via PC and / or original Console Hardware on the PS3, Xbox One S, PS4 and Switch where applicable.

All games are owned or rented legally (via say Gamepass) and must be owned to be played, therefore no emulators roms stuff, unless the game and hardware is owned and in addition to having a good reason to not play it in its original un-modded form on its original device or PC (or remastered form in most cases where applicable provided it's a touch as opposed to different game).