The Man? The Myth? The Legend? The One? The 1nteger! Passionate game maker / player & Broadcaster (Movie / TV infringement protector by day). Est gaming since 1987.

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Thorough / respectful / humorous / role-played video game commentary live streamed & recorded 'first-time' (blind)! From Retro to Indie to Neo to VR & everything in-between, all in nice rotation until completion, specially curated & packaged with a little bow, just for you!

Hi there, my name's Leroy, better known as The 1nteger on the interwebs & I'm a passionate game maker & game player (and movie / tv infringement protector by day). I've being playing games of all kinds for the best part of 30+ years and developing for 10 of those years too.

This channel serves as my destination to share my passion for gaming with other passionate gamers like you, on the PlayStation 4 Pro / PlayStation VR, Nintendo Switch, PC and XBox One S!

If that sounds good to you, why not try a few videos & let me know what you think, thanks for coming, hope you enjoy & stay blessed and sexy!

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